I am:

a multi-instrumentalist who writes and records a variety of music, primarily alt-rock. I've played mostly guitar in various rock bands, drums in 2 punk bands, and bass in a country band. But guitar is my main instrument. I've played in various other bands over the years but in 2020 during the pandemic lock-down, I decided to start exclusively writing and recording my own music under my own name.

Since then, I have released 13 singles, 2 EPs, and one album "Something Wicked". I work with a collection of outstanding musicians and singers on each song to fill in whatever parts I decide I shouldn't be doing myself. You can find out more about them on my Music page. I've made music videos for a few songs and they are on YouTube and are all embeded on my Videos page.

You can find links to my artist pages on Spotify, Apple, Amazon, YouTube Music, etc. also on my Music page. I release on all streaming platforms (around 60 of them) and also on Bandcamp. Buying my music on Bandcamp (my album is available as a download and also as a CD) is the best way to help although streaming one of my songs a few hundred thousand times will bring me a few dollars as well in royalty payments so there is always that option.

I come from a musical family and my father, Robert Willoughby, played flute in the Cleveland Orchestra and taught at the Oberlin College Conservatory of Music for many years. Following his sort-of retirement from Oberlin, he taught for several years part-time at the Peabody Institute (of Johns Hopkins University), and finally at the Longy School of Music. Music has always been my passion and I am largely self-taught although I also took classes at the Berklee School of Music. I currently live near the coast in New Hampshire.

My brush with rock fame? One of my bands used to play regularly at a club that the Rolling Stones once played in. So in a way you could say I shared a stage with Mick Jagger. Just... a few years apart.

I am NOT:

a character in a Jane Austen novel, specifically the one in Sense and Sensability. That one wasn't particularly nice and I like to think I am a better person than that.

I am also NOT:

a cookbook author, although that John Willoughby is at least my cousin. Unlike the Jane Austin version, he is a talented writer and is also very nice.

And definitely also NOT:

anyone else. There are actually a few other John Willoughbys, and some of them are even musicians. But I'm the only one that is me. Accept no substitutes!